Thursday, April 15, 2010

April 2, 2010 Poetry Lab

Joseph Kerschbaum and Tony Brewer visited the Poetry Lab on April 2, 2010 as part of their Bottomless Cheetah Blood Tourette (mini-tour). Each has a new chapbook out from Plan B Press; Kerschbaum's is Your Casual Survival and Brewer's is Little Glove in a Big Hand. Together they comprise half of the Indiana-based Reservoir Dogwoods. It was their first time east and they were amazing.

In addition to these two fabulous poets were Tony Mancus reading from two chapbooks off his Flying Guillotine Press, C L Bledsoe and his wife Jillian did a tag-team reading, and I did an audience participation piece called "Squonk". It's a piece that I wrote in 1998 in response to the disconnect I experienced between some academic poets and "uninformed" audiences. The piece was recorded on the 1999 limited release CD Soundbytes from the Millenium.

The developing vibe comes directly from the poets, from the Soundry itself, from the space. I had the good fortune to find the space earlier than others. First in, as it were. As things progress, one will be able to sense the presence of John Cage and the Living Theatre, Bertolt Brecht and what C L Bledsoe has called "punk house for poets".

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